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Get cheaper household insurance - You can greatly reduce your outgoings by looking around for buildings and contents insurance for good mortgage advice in the uk. It may seem easier to buy from your lender, but search the market and you will very likely save money.

Private UK home mortgages Insurance (PMI): If you were to take out an 80% first home mortgage and a 10 or 15% 2nd mortgage, you do not need to pay private mortgage UK insurance. PMI is required if you have less than a 20% deposit. In other words your mortgage is above 80%

If your initial uk home mortgage required PMI and your new mortgage will be 80% or less than the value, you can very likely drop your PMI coverage altogether. If you reach 20% equity in your home, you can save more by asking your lender to drop PMI. This is good mortgage advice in the UK.

Avoid taking out a Mortgage Indemnity Guarantee
These are usually charged on loans of 90% to full value. A MIG is a one-off payment made to the lender that protects them should you fail to keep up your repayments and your home is repossessed.

Consider paying fortnightly instead of monthly. As more often today people are paid weekly you should try and tie this in with your repayments. That way you will better manage the money leaving your account.

Redemption penalties
When you start your Uk home mortgage you are entering into an agreement with the lender. This will cover the amount you repay and is it is set for a particular period of time. You may have a home mortgage in the uk at a 3 year fixed interest rate of 5%. If you want to exit this arrangement before the 3 years,you'd likely have to pay a redemption fee. It is a charge which is designed to compensate the lender for the time and expense of your quitting.Some may try to hide the penalties in the fine print. You should ask your prospective lender what the redemption penalties are. If you're not sure of the explanation, ask them to spell it out. If you still don't understand you can take it that there's something they might be trying to hide so walk away.

How to save thousands by getting a shorter uk home mortgage term
As a general guide, buying a home will cost you two or three times the price you what you paid.

Let's take a case: If you borrowed £100,000 to buy your home you may end up paying back as much as £250,000 over the 25 year period. This is due to interest charges. And if you pay more each month you'll be paying much less in interest. So your monthly repayments will be higher, but the overall cost will be lowered.

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Here is an example: You borrow £120,000 over 25 years at an interest rate of 10% on a normal home repayment mortgage. Your repayments would be for example, £500 per month. But, if you increase your repayments to £600 per month your mortgage would be paid off after 15 years You would have saved yourself about £40,000 If you pay more and you would be looking at even greater eventual savings.

How to work it out?

Get the lender to calculate it for you and give their best advice. They will be able to give you a breakdown of these items : (1) Different uk home mortgage periods, for example repaying the loan over 25 years, 20 years, 15 years etc. (2) Different monthly repayments amounts - which you may be able to afford. (3) The total amount you will have repaid at the end of the mortgage period.

If the lender will not work it out for you speak to a manager and ask. Don't be put off by impressions during your negotiations they give because , all mortgage companies are very keen for your business.

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