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Take a look at the following uk home mortgage deals, offers and transactions before choosing your home mortgage provider.  There are several tricks and strategies you can use to make sure your mortgage works for you.  Here are some of them.

Debt Problems
Over 8.4 million Britons have unsecured debts amounting to more than £10,000.  This figure will definitely force uk home mortgage providers to be a lot stricter when approving mortgages.  This should also encourage borrowers to go easy on borrowings.

Credit Scoring - Will I be able to borrow money?
Credit is gold and if you have a not-so-admirable credit file then you may have a problem having your uk home mortgage approved. Don’t lose hope though because there are agencies that can help find the right uk home mortgage for you given your financial status.

Fee Free Mortgage Deals
Make sure the fee-free mortgage deals you are getting are really free and not just some come-on tricks to lure you in.  There are companies offering fee-free home mortgages but only for uk home mortgages that are £57,000 or less.  This amount usually applies to those seeking a remortgage and are half-way into the payment of their mortgages.

Sub-Prime Mortgages
If you have a low credit score which does not qualify you for a prime mortgage, there is still hope.  You can apply for sub-prime mortgages which are specifically geared towards borrowers who have credit problems.  However, interest rates for sub-prime mortgages are higher.

Freehold Vs Leasehold
Leaseholds properties may have great views but are lower in value than freehold properties.  Between the two, the latter is the best investment option.

Tax Implications for Buy To Let Properties
If you buy a property and rent it out, there are certain tax issues like the payment of income tax for the rented property subject to deductible expenses.

The Right To Buy Scheme
The Housing Act of 1980 provides tenants or renters the opportunity to buy the properties they are living in.  However, you have to meet the five year tenancy requirement to be eligible for this.

Mortgages and Remortgages for the self employed
Your ability to get a uk home mortgage is limited if you are a new business owner.  This is because lenders exercise caution when lending to those just starting up their business and who have no other sources of income.

Remortgaging with problems
Remortgaging will allow you to take advantage of getting a better deal on your mortgage.  Look for a company that will make your mortgage work for you and you can start by choosing a remortgage company.

Self certification mortgages or remortgages for employees
A self certification mortgage can be advantageous for employees since you can add all the commissions and bonuses to your monthly salary.

Average House Price Above £ 200,000
Property owners in England can recoup their investments and make money now that the average price of homes in the area is over the £200,000 mark,

Buy-to-Let Schemes
It is time to take advantage of buy-to-let schemes now that landlords are allowed to buy not just two but ten buy-to-let mortgages. Up to £3m in loan amounts are up for grabs.

Remortgages to fund home improvements
You can obtain a remortgage if you want additional funds to renovate or improve the value of your home.  This is a better option that moving house in case the old one does not meet the homeowner’s requirements in terms of space and quality.

Remortgage Vs Home Improvement Loan
Why get a home improvement to renovate your house when applying for remortgage is a lot cheaper? There is always the possibility that you will end up with the wrong home loan at more than you can afford to pay.

Right to buy in England
If you have been a council or armed forces tenant for two or five years (depending on which year your tenancy started), you may be eligible to obtain  a discount in you want to buy the home you are currently renting.

Sub Prime Remortgages
If you are not eligible for a prime remortgage, you can apply for subprime remortgage.  However, make sure you do not succumb to very high interest rates.
Bank holds interest rates
Interest rates are not expected to go up yet, since the banks are holding the interest rates and keeping them in check. This is being done to prevent the housing market business from further slowing down.

First-time buyers offered home loans for groups
You can take advantage of home loans for groups if you are a first time buyer and could not afford a mortgage by yourself.  The number of those obtaining home group loans is on the rise due to a surge in housing prices.

The cost of a remortgage
You may think that you are getting more by getting a remortgage but add up the expenses that you have to pay when remortgaging before you conclude if the transaction is beneficial for you.
Homeowners lose if they do not remortgage
Remortgaging allows you to get more from your mortgage in terms of lower interest rates and better mortgage deals.  However, only five percent of borrowers avail of a remortgage option.

This information is given as a guide only and does not constitute legal or financial advice.

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