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Bad Credit Loans Gain Prominence as Global Economy Worsens, According to (PRWeb via Yahoo! News)

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Bad Credit Loans Gain Prominence as Global Economy Worsens, According to (PRWeb via Yahoo! News)
As the credit crisis worsens, more and more consumers are turning to specialist providers of Bad Credit Loans in order to raise finance for everyday purchases, explains Andy Hygate from

Stop Home Repossession – A Guide for Homeowners in Financial Difficulty
by James Smith The population of the UK has an estimated 1 trillion pounds in debt, including mortgages, credit cards and other loans. If you miss just one mortgage payment, or just get a little bit behind on your payments, you will not face home repossession. In fact around 640,000 mortgage holders miss at least one mortgage payment per average year. However, if you miss 2, 3 or more payments, then you are going to need some home repossession help. For the mortgage lender to take you to co

(AFX UK Focus) 2009-03-25 23:05 UPDATE 1-Australia housing market underpinned by low rates-RBA (Interactive Investor)
SYDNEY, March 26 (Reuters) – Australia’s housing market is in far better shape than many abroad with falling mortgage rates boosting affordability and likely lifting home-building later this year, a top central banker said on Thursday. The head of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) economics arm, Anthony Richards, also said households had not become as over-extended as those in the United …

Words from the Investment Wise (March 23 – 29, 2009)

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Words from the Investment Wise (March 23 – 29, 2009)
Words from the (investment) wise for the week that was (March 23 – 29, 2009) Following Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s “money printing” announcement of last week, the action stayed on Capitol Hill with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner detailing his Public Private Investment Program (PPIP) as well the initial salvo on “new rules of the game” for the US’s broken system of financial regulation. The US Treasury on Monday morning announced its highly-anticipated Private Public Investment Program

UK mortgage lending at £1200bn ‘unmanageable’ claims Cap Gemini banking report (Daily Telegraph)
Mortgage lending in the UK must shrink as a proportion of national economic output claims Cap Gemini banking report.

UK Consumers React to the Credit Crunch (Marketwire)

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

UK Consumers React to the Credit Crunch (Marketwire)
ROCKVILLE, MD–(Marketwire – March 23, 2009) – has announced the addition of Mintel International’s new report “Consumer Reaction to the Credit Crunch-UK,” to their collection of Banking & Financial Services market reports. For more information, visit . For the last half decade, consumers have been …

Main Street America Can, Should and Must Kill AIG
Obama lied to America about what and when he knew about the AIG Bonus money. Treasury Secretary Geithner knew about and lied about the AIG Bonus Money. All of the Congress also knew about and lied about the AIG Bonus Money. Just in on CNN…President Obama has sent a CLEAR SIGNAL to the Senate that he wants them to KILL ALL LEGISLATION that would strip AIG executives of their BONUS MONEY. OK…time for Main Street America to flex its muscle, time for Main Street America to kill AIG ourselves, an

Australia Ponders its Chinese Future
Let’s take a break from the great housing debate today and return to markets. What a day it was! Gordon Brown is ridiculed in the European Parliament as a U.K. bond auction fails. The U.S. Treasury Secretary is forced to consider a Chinese proposal for a new reserve currency that is not the greenback. And Australia ponders its Chinese future. You get the sense that investors are of two minds, both probably subconscious. On the left shoulder, a little devil whispers into their ear that there i